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We have new facility and new concept since February 2015; show the plant-not only for manufacturing plant
We are the only company total re-manufacturing turbocharger.
We are trying to change the previous images of the remanufacturing plant.New plant has more space and keep cleanliness. We also have training facility called T-tec (TTS Training Center) for visitors.
Detail for the new plant
Site area 5,280㎥
Plant and Facilities 2,805㎥
Company name Turbo Techno Engineering Co., Ltd
Location 2-16-1 Akabori, Okegawa, Saitama 363-0002 Japan
Contact information Tel: +81-48-728-8900 Fax: +81-48-728-8930
Ability for production 3000 units/month

TTS Technical Center(T-Tec)

Process of re-manufacturing

Disassembling/ Cleaning parts

Disassembling/ Cleaning parts
  • ①分解

    Disassemble the returning core and check the conditions for each parts.

  • ②洗浄
    Cleaning Parts by chemicals

    Clean each parts with chemicals and waters by measuring/controlling time and tempreture.

  • ③洗浄
    Cleaning parts by machine

    Clean turbine housings by automatic blast machine

  • ④完成

    Clean Parts


  • 寸法測定します。

    Masure the parts

  • 摩耗した箇所にスリーブを圧入、NC旋盤で加工し新品時の寸法に戻します。

    Remove the warn part and press the sleeve.Re-process by Numarically-Controled Lathe

  • 軸受部を磨き仕上げします。

    Polish the shaft to finish

  • 回転部品を組上げローターバランス測定及び修正している機種

    Assemble the rotor and check/fix the balance.

Fixing the balance

  • 超高速で回転するターボのローターは極精密のバランス修正が必要です。

    Precise balance modification is necessary for high-rotating rotor assembly of small turbos.

  • 小型ターボ用縦型エアーベアリングバランスサー

    Shaft and wheel balancing machine for small turbos

  • 小型ターボ用VSR(高速)バランステスター

    VSR tester for small turbocharger (Balancing machine for small turbos)

  • 大型ターボ用ローターバランサー

    Balancing machine for large rotor assembly


  • 専用ルームで組み立てていきます。

    The room only for assembling process

  • バランスの最終確認を行います。

    Final inspection for balancing

  • エアーシリンダーの作動確認

    Work test for air cylinder

  • モーター専用テスターによるVGノズル作動 最終確認

    Final work test of VG nozzle with dedicated motor tester

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