Company Profile:TTS Holdings

Company Profile

TTS Holdings
TTS Holdings makes hermony and
united the TTS group.
Our goal is contribution for society
and environment through our business
Name of the company TTS Holdings Inc.
Establishment April 3rd, 1995
Capital JPY 30,000,000
Location 3-28-1Yaguchi Ota-ku Tokyo 146-0093 Japan
TEL +81-3-3758-3381/ FAX +81-3-3758-3383
  • Representation duties of the possession of securities, use, management and the intermediation of buying and selling and the business about these, substitution, investigation and the consulting.
  • Planning / developing/ sales for computer system.Lease and maintenance business.
  • Consulting for information system by computer/Internet service
  • Sales and repairing for Constructions, Marines, and Passenger car turbocharger.
  • sales for recycle and re-manufacturing passenger car parts
Banking Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
President/CEO Kazumi Nishi


April, 1995 Establish Turbo Techno Servise as authorised distributor for Garrett and IHI with capital JPY 15million. The head office and facility are located in Tokyo, factory and office in Ise city, Mie.At the same time, making sales network as TTS group has started. (Head office in Tokyo, branches in Chubu, Seibu, and Hokkaido.
August, 1996 Business for passenger car has started. Sales for turbocharger and remanufacturing auto parts.
April, 1999 New office and expand the facility in Tokyo headquarters.
February, 2000 Honeywell Japan transferred the proprietary rights of Okegawa plant to TTS. Establish the Okegawa office and started plant operation for passenger car turbocharger.
February, 2000 Start the business with "SPN (Super-Line Partners Network)" for remanufacturing turbo
August, 2000 Opening the Seibu office in Fukuoka.
September, 2000 Start the business with "Nissan motors" for remanufacturing turbo.
January, 2001 Start the business with "Empire Motors" the biggest company of whole seller in Japan for remanufacturing turbo.
March, 2002 Start the business with "SSG" the biggest sales network group in Hokkaido.
May, 2002 To sign the contract with HOLSET UK (Cummins Turbo Technologies)
November, 2002 Approved Master Distribution in Japan at Honeywell Turbocharging Systems (Garrett).
March, 2003 To sign the contract with Borg Warner Turbo Systems (KKK/ Schwitzer).
July,2003 Inreased the capital to JPY 30 million.
December, 2006 Started business relationship with Honeywell Australia.
April, 2007 Changed the company name to TTS Holdings Inc. and became the holding company of TTS group.The company devided into each department; Turbo Techno Service(sales) and Turbo Tecno Engineering (manufacturing).At the same time, Total Car Parts was merged into TTS group and start sales for automotive parts.
April, 2009 Total Car Parts has changed the name to Ecology Turbo Service and start repairing business for truck/constructions/marine turbochargers. Business for Turbo Techno Service is for repairing for passenger car.
May, 2011 To sign the contract with Honeywell Korea and start the business relationship
February, 2015 20th anniversary for foundation and moved to new plant in Akabori, Okegawa.
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